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                Company Profile

                Company Profile

                Shenzhen Yunshang Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Shenzhen Ruijia Precision, Jiafeng Automation and Taolu Technology Co., Ltd. to develop, produce and sell non-standard industrial parts and equipment. Mainly provides products and technical support services for processing and manufacturing industries, such as mechanical processing, hand plate processing, etc.
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                Why Us

                Why Us

                Shenzhen Yunshang Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has various types of CNC precision machining equipment, including lathes, precision milling machines, wire cutting machines, precision grinders, tappers, drilling machines, CNC computer gongs and so on. Can undertake most precision mechanical automation equipment manufacturing, mechanical parts, hardware, production and manufacturing. All kinds of precision components produced by our company have become one of the trusted suppliers in the related mechanical processing industry.

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                We carry out and pass ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality system standard certification; abide by social conventions and national laws and regulations, we promise to treat customers with a sincere and cooperative attitude; serve customers with industrial parts beyond their expectations, and provide customers with systematic solutions with rich experience and advanced technology
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